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Below are examples of the most popular choices of Coffins offered by Robert Rairty Funeral Services Ltd. There are many more options from which to choose...

The Moorburn

An oak veneered coffin embellished with ornate deep panelled sides and striking high raised lids. The photograph depicts the coffin with a Natural Oak finish.


The Ballantrae

An oak veneered coffin depicting The Last Supper on the side panels. Pronounced double moulds and a striking high raised lid. The photograph depicts the coffin with a Antique Oak finish.


The Haylie

An elm veneered coffin embellished with prominent raised panelling on both sides and lid. The photograph depicts the coffin with a Honeyed Elm finish.


The Routenburn

A mahogany veneered coffin adorned with a striking raised lid. The photograph depicts the coffin with a Rich Mahogany finish.


The Glenluce

An oak veneered casket completed in a simple white finish.


The Kirland

The Milton & The Galloway.


The Wicker

Oval shape coffin inlaid with chestnut brown bands and woven handles. All our wicker coffins are in a golden brown colour. They are suitable for burial or cremation.


The Seagrass

Oval shape seagrass coffin with flower rings, seagrass poles and woven handles. Design Registered. Our seagrass coffins have light brown and beige hues with a subtle hint of green. Suitable for burial or cremation.


The Marquis

8oz solid bronze casket, double wall construction. Destinctive twin lid design with hermetic sealing on both lids. Finished to the highest standards in Brushed Amber and Sable with Imperial Velvet interior. Swing bar handles and adjustable bed.


The Trojan

18 gauge steel casket, hermetically sealing. Platinum finish with ebony shading. High quality silver Miami crepe interior. Bar handles and adjustable bed.


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Arranging the funeral of a loved can seem a
daunting process but your funeral director can take care of
most aspects and will give you professional advice regarding
any aspects that are unclear.

The information included here in our website covers most
common queries but Robert Rarity Funeral Services would
be pleased to answer all your questions, help you through
a difficult time and make all the necessary funeral arrangements.